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Fantasies you can try with your small breast sex doll

Sometimes when we close our eyes, vivid pictures haunt us. There could be sexual acts that we truly want to be a reality. It could be a sexcapade with a MILF, a hot nurse, an alien, or even a demon. This depends on what resides in our fantasies. But first, it’s important to get cheap dolls for this. You wouldn’t want to get broke after making your sex doll purchase.

Here are a few fantasies to try with your small breast sex dolls

  • BDSM: Your small breast sex doll is definitely going to be the submissive here. She’s open to spanking, whipping and other dark fantasies you may have. Although you’ll have to be careful with your actions. Since this may ruin the material your sex doll is made from. Too hard a whip can cause damage on the doll’s skin. Hence whatever action you’re carrying out should be for tenderness.
  • Cosplays: There are thousands of cosplays you can try out with your sex dolls. Whether it’s expensive or small breast sex doll, there’s always a way to bring to reality that fantasy of yours. If you’re big on anime characters, you can dress up your sex doll to fit that. The sex doll can be quite versatile, allowing your imagination free reins. All you have to do is just let yourself free with your small boobs sex doll.

  • Sex positions: If your big on the missionary position or maybe the doggy style. Regardless of what you pick, the not so small breast sex dolls are literally at your service. You can either position her for proper back shots or spoon with her on the bed. For a more intimate position you can stick with the missionary. If a hard rough sex is it for you, then get on with it. Ride your sex doll till you orgasm. Although you’ll have to be careful not to damage the sex doll.
  • Twosomes- threesomes: The female sex doll allow you to have as much “somes” as you desire. Just ensure that your partner is open to it and is willing to go with it. The female love doll allows you to try out as much sex positions there is for twosomes and the others. It’s  actually a good sexual experience. It’s something you’ll definitely like to try if you haven’t thought of it before.
  • Masturbation: Masturbating is also another thing you can try with any small breast sex doll. With the doll dressed to your fancy and maybe a porn in the background. It’ll help put you in the right mood to properly pleasure yourself. You’ll find it easy to orgasm during the whole process. All you have to do is let your mind and hands do the work. Let loose and watch your fantasies materialise


Allow your fantasies run wild with your small breast sex dolls. It allows you to find it easier to pleasure yourself. Something you have the privilege of doing. Now let yourself free and ride with the darkest fantasies buried deep in your mind!

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