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How Pleasurable is Sex with Sex Dolls Compared to Real Sex

Sex with a BBW love doll

Handling a high sexual drive may be difficult. Consider purchasing a BBW (big beautiful woman) love doll and pouring love into her holes. That sounds incredible. Intimacy with an adult love doll is similar to masturbating in a unique, attractive, and smooth way. Research shows that having sex with an adult doll is superior to masturbating. It’s the same thing, except a sex doll BBW enhances sensation and comfort. We’ll describe what it’s like to have sex with a sex doll.

This article will discuss how pleasurable it is to have sex with a sex doll BBW, its advantages, and its drawbacks. We’ll also state the reasons why you should invest in a sex doll.

Pleasure of having intimacy with a sex doll

Having intercourse with a big ass sex doll is marvelous. While having intercourse, you feel you are having real sex as the sex doll BBW is made up of material that feels real.

Furthermore, intimacy with a huge ass sex doll is better than having intercourse with a woman. This is because real women might refuse to wear specific clothes, might refuse to wear good perfume, and may not be in a mood.

Additionally, sex with a sex doll BBW is pleasurable because you can control it. You can make it wear clothes that you like to see, put on perfume on her, and try positions which suit you the best.

Most of the time, real women get tired after a few house chores and prefer sleep over a romantic and sensational night; however, that won’t be the case with a big ass sex doll. You can grab it whenever and wherever you want to.

Benefits of huge ass sex doll

Advantages of sex with a big ass sex doll.  Sex dolls are soft and lifelike, providing the user with wonderful pleasure. The following is a list of the advantages of having sex with a sex doll BBW


A sex doll’s skin is exceptionally smooth, velvety, and realistic, providing you with the greatest sensation.

Muscular tone

It’s not a joke to fake muscles; it’s incredible how sex dolls are manufactured, and they have fantastic muscle tones.


They have a strong vaginal grasp; thus, having sex with a doll is an intense experience.

Drawbacks of intercourse with sex dolls

There are advantages and disadvantages to having sex with a big ass sex doll. The following are some disadvantages of having sex with a huge ass love doll.

The body is cold

The blonde sex doll’s body is always cold unless you wrap it in an electric or ordinary blanket. So you’ll have to wait up to 40 to 60 minutes until the blonde sex doll‘s body warms up and you can have sex. Furthermore, having intercourse with a cold body blonde love doll is like digging a corpse.

There is no muscular action.

When having sex with an adult love doll, you will notice that they are unable to move, moan, or yell at you to stop. It’s both excellent and horrible at the same time. Muscle action during sex, on the other hand, is sexually appealing and leads to intimacy.


Having intercourse with real women may be cool and steamy; however, if you really want to enjoy your nights, invest in a good big ass sex doll. Sex dolls don’t complain, get tired, ask for condoms and sleep without you.

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