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Suitable lubricants for flat chested sex doll

Lubes are essential for an optimum sex experience with your sex doll. Regardless of its worth, a flat chested sex doll or an expensive one requires lubricant. There are numerous lubricants available on the market. It’s necessary to pick one that is both compatible with you and your flat chested love doll. These lubricants make sliding in and out of the sex doll’s vagina pleasurable by reducing friction and allowing easy access.

Here are few suitable lubricants you can find on sale

  • Silicone lubricants: The silicone lubes are usually not good for silicone sex dolls. Silicone lubes can cause a damage to sex dolls made from silicone gradually. Over time these dolls could  become ruined. It’s not particularly cost effective. This is because they interact with each other and the outcome isn’t particularly a good one. If your using a flat chested sex doll made from TPR material then this is safe for you. Provided you’re not allergic to silicone lubes then you can go ahead with it.
  • Water based lubricants: This is the best lube there is. It’s suitable for just about anyone. It rarely leads to an allergy reaction and usually compatible with any sex doll. You don’t need to fear for any damage if your using a flat chested sex doll or one that costs a lot. This category of lubricant is just perfect. It is hypoallergenic and washes off easily from the doll and your body. Although, you’ll need to apply it frequently during sex. This is because it doesn’t last for too long on the body. It’s also pocket friendly, well this is determined by the brand you choose to get.
  • Oil based lubricants: These are long lasting lubes and can stay on the body for long. It is good for blonde sex dolls and even the most expensive ones. Making the whole sexual experience memorable with less interval of application. This oily feel makes it easy to slide in and out of the vagina and anal orifices. It does make the act of coitus splendid. The bad part about these lubes is the fact that they don’t wash off easily. If it doesn’t come off your blonde sex doll‘s surface, it could lead to growth. Over time it could damage the material.
  • Other lubes: There are other lubricants which aren’t quite popular like the others. One worth mentioning is the hybrid lube, it consists of multiple types of lube. This makes it unique compared to the rest. Since it can incorporate more than one kind of lube. There’s also another, which is the natural lubricant. Like the name implies, it consists of ingredients that are of “natural origin”. Although, their compatibility with flat-chest sex dolls aren’t quite certain.


There are lots of lubes to pick from. Despite having a flat chested sex doll, it’s important to get lube for proper maintenance. It’s also a requirement if you have the one that costs a fortune. Make sure to buy lube from the nearest store, or better yet, order online.

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