BBW Adult Dolls Big Breast Love Doll


Having intercourse with a lifelike sex doll BBW increases pleasure and authenticates the encounter. The experience is superior to any masturbation session you’ve ever had because of the doll’s fantastic body, human-like skin, and textured orifices. You can enjoy kissing her on the lips by using flavored lipstick, which some people also use.

Below are some ideas on how to fuck a BBW sex doll:

  • Hugging and kissing.

High-quality lifesize sex dolls feature materials that resemble real flesh, giving the impression that you are touching a lady. The skin is incredibly soft and permeable to touch on the face, arms, inner thighs, and breasts.

Furthermore, her breasts are squeezable with sharp nipples and a gorgeous cleavage, just as you’ve always desired, regardless of their size.

  • Vaginal Sex with Your BBW Adult Doll.

The best part of owning a sex doll BBW is having vaginal intercourse, and the orifice accurately replicates a genuine vagina with the right texture and grip to make you excited. Additionally, it doesn’t take much to enjoy vaginal intercourse. Simply place her where you like, apply some water-based lubrication, and take in the festivities.

You also have the option of a removable or non-removable option. A removable vagina is a way to go because it’s much simpler to clean and can always be used as a pocket pussy for “fast fixes.”

  • Anal Sex with Your BBW Love Doll

A lifelike sex doll BBW is a wonderful method to explore all of your sexual dreams if you enjoy anal play. The canal grips your penis a little better than the ass, which is often much tighter than a vagina.

Position her at your preferred angle, apply some water-based lubrication, and eat it from the back, just like in vaginal play. To make sure the anal opening feels distinctive and you can’t even tell the difference from a real woman, sex doll manufacturers use high-end designs.

  • Having oral sex with a big tit sex doll

Nobody dislikes a messy toppy, especially when it occurs unexpectedly. Fortunately, lifelike big tit sex dolls have a mouth that primarily serves to amuse you with big tit sex doll blow jobs. And you don’t have to worry about your ex-girlfriend gagging in the middle of the session.


  • Missionary

The missionary position, which provides direct penis-into-vagina stimulation, is probably the most common sex position. You won’t encounter many obstacles along the route, and you can easily adjust the insertion angle for maximum amusement. To stabilize the sex doll BBW, simply place both of your arms on her sides.

  • Doggy Style

Do you want any back shots? A terrific view and amazing access to your real big tits sex doll’s clitoral regions are provided by the doggie style. Provide additional support for her to enjoy the experience by having her scooch on the bed or floor with her knees and hands. Hold her in place with your hands.

  • Spooning

When you’re not in the mood to work up a sweat over a nut, this stance is great. She should recline with one leg elevated in front of you on the side. Invade her behind from here and fondle her breasts with your hands.

  • Against the Wall

The position allows for deep penetration, and it’s thrilling to pierce your lover from behind. As you screw from behind, let the sex doll BBW face the wall and hold on with her hands. For unrestricted access, you can also hang onto your raised leg.

  • Girl in Top Position

If you have the strength to thrust the lifelike adult doll up and down, the girl-on-top posture works fantastically. Pick her up while laying on the floor or bed, then let her go so she can land in situ. Make sure she has her hands on your chest and her feet are bowed.

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