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What materials the adult love dolls are made from

You’ll find a plethora of sex dolls on the market. These range from the low-quality kind to those of high quality. It all depends on your pocket size. If you have deep pockets, then it’s best to get adult love dolls. Although these ones falls under the expensive category. These adult love dolls are a perfect replica of a human. It makes the pleasure quite intense and helps you build up your passion.

Let’s see what materials the best adult sex dolls are made from

  • TPE love dolls: This definitely tops the list. It’s not particularly the best in the market but because it’s low maintenance. TPE means elastomer plastic or rubber thermoplastic. These sex dolls feature a whole lot such as flexibility, a soft body texture and even a molding ability. Which enables you to climax easily while pleasuring yourself. TPE adult love dolls are hydrothermal and the material been found to retain heat. This is very important to simulate body warmth. This heat during sex with your realistic doll makes it definitely worth it. You can try just about any position with the TPE realistic sex doll.

  • Platinum Silicone sex dolls: The silicone rubber makes some of the adult love dolls you’ll find on sale. These sex dolls are quite life-like feature and realistic than the TPE’s. You’ll find that these realistic silicone sex dolls have the best vaginas and anus. Their body parts are definitely worth every feel. Sex dolls made from silicone have a non porous skin. Hence, preventing it from getting stained from leaching cloths. They are also resistant to heat and water. This makes it easier to maintain than the TPE dolls. Although these silicone dolls may seem quite realistic they can be tough. Unlike the TPE which is soft, these silicone realistic dolls can be quite stiff.
  • TPR sex doll: The TPR(Thermo-Plastic-Rubber-Material) sex doll is made from a thermoplastin rubber. It’s less expensive and has a soft texture. They lack an internal skeleton and basically function for masturbation. These female sex dolls can be recycled and are perfect for a mass production of female love dolls. It’s usually rare to find this on sale because of its poor sex experience. If you’re big on casual sex then this female sex dolls are suitable for your taste. This material does not fit a adult love doll description since it is soft and lacks a shape. If you’re looking into getting a cost effective sex doll then this is just right for you.
  • The regular silicone sex doll: These adult love dolls are made up of vulcanizing agents and silica gel. The regular silicone dolls are quite safe and hygienic. With a clear skin and are usually quite delicate. You’ll find that these dolls are tasteless and also non-toxic. Although these adult love dolls can be hard and usually best for model photography.


The TPE materials should be considered when finding the best adult love dolls. Although the silicone material has better physical features, You’ll find the TPE adult love dolls are more pleasurable.

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