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Sex positions for adult sex dolls that work best

There are various sex fantasies that brew in your mind. The sex doll is an opportunity to try each of them out. It’ll gladly oblige whatever you have in store for it. You can try out as many positions and kinks as you desire. All you have to do is work with your imagination and your doll. Although you’d have to be careful not to damage the sex doll,

Here are a few sex positions you can try with your adult sex dolls;

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  • The missionary position: Most people prefer to call this the plain vanilla. It’s by far the most intimate position you can try out with the huge ass sex doll. It allows easy access of the penis straight into the vagina. You can manipulate the penetration angle to allow for an intense pleasure. There is need to stabilize your huge ass sex dolls by holding it in place. This would make the whole process more enjoyable. Now you can slide in and out with ease.
  • The doggy style: This is another popular position. It involves penetration from behind. Here the adult sex doll is being thrust from her back. This doll is placed on both knees on either the bed or flow, with hands held out in support. You can grab her hips to hold it in position and allow yourself to delight in the sexual experience. This gives you entrance to both holes. Make a choice and thrust away.
  • The standing doggy: Here the doll is placed directly on a wall, with both hands held for support. It allows for a total access and quite an easy penetration of your penis. This also simulates the feeling of having sex with a real life partner from behind. To spice things up, raise one of its legs up in the air. This angle gives you complete access to your adult sex dolls. It’s one position you should try out with your adult sex dolls.
  • The spooning position: If you’re in one of those lazy moods, this position is just what you need. Lay on the bed with your doll placed in front of you. Ensure to lay her sidewards on the bed. Lift the leg to about forty-five degrees for support. This gives you a fine entrance to her vagina and anus to pleasure yourself with. You can now fondle the adult sex dolls breast while sliding in and out of either holes.
  • The Countertop position: if you’ve had kitchen sex fantasies then this is just perfect. Place your sex doll on the kitchen island or table. Allow both legs to dangle over the edge. Now open both legs and place yourself between them and grab the hips. Slide into your adult sex dolls pleasure in a perfect rhythm. Enjoy your time with this position as this also allows deep penetration.


There are numerous sex positions to try out with your adult sex dolls. Those listed above top the list and give the best feel.

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