Tips on maintenance for your realist sex doll

Sometimes we forget that these dolls are inanimate. It can be quite tempting to carry out your darkest fantasies with them. This can lead to damage to the material the realist sex dolls are made from. Also, you can end up being a bit careless with the sex doll. Slowly, these random, careless acts will reduce the lifespan of the realist love doll.

Maintaining your doll would prevent a frequent purchase of doll. It’s quite budget friendly since the sex dolls lasts longer due to good maintenance practices.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your realist sex dolls

  • Using lubricants: The importance of a lube cannot be over emphasised. This helps the penis to slide in and out of either holes. It makes the whole experience more pleasurable. Although, it’s necessary to pick a lube that is compatible with your sex doll. The best option to pick for lube is the water based lubricants. Since they are suitable for both you and your realist sex doll. When you’ve finally climaxed, ensure to wash it off.

  • Storing your sex dolls: When these realistic dolls are not in use, there is need for appropriate storage. There are lots of options for storing these love dolls. You can either pack it up in a card-box or its original package box. Another good one is the cupboard, you can leave it hanging in there. To prevent a mound growth, it’s best to keep your realist sex doll away from any wetness. Hence, all orifices should be kept dry at all times. You can place a paper towel in these holes for better effect. The best advice is to stick with these famous instructions “keep in a cool and dry place.”
  • Rehydration of your dolls: At least once a month, you will need to rehydrate your realist sex doll. This is done by oiling the surface of the doll. Most times, a baby oil is preferred and it should be allowed on the surface for up to 2 hours. This will help restore it to the original look it had. Also, for the armpits, anus and vagina; the Vaseline is a better option. After which m, you’ll leave for about 12 hours for proper absorption.
  • Clothings: The first rule for realist sex doll clothing is the no dark clothes rule. Avoid getting dark colored clothings for your BBW love doll. This can leach to the surface and cause a stain. Ensure to get clothes with permanent colours to avoid dying the bbw love doll’s skin. The best colors to get for your bbw love dolls are pastel colors. Basically, light colours are perfect options. If there’s a stain on your sex doll BBW from dark colored cloths or dust, use baby oil to wipe it off.


Above are important tips on how to maintain your realist sex doll. This will enable it to last longer for you and allow you to pleasure yourself too. Ensure to have this tips at the back of your mind at all times.

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