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Anxiety disorders affect over 40 million American adults, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. That equates to nearly 20% of the population. Anxiety is so common, in fact, that it is the most common mental health issue that US adults face today.

The same story can be found elsewhere, with 74% of Britons admitting to feeling stressed and anxious to the point of being overwhelmed in the last year. That equates to nearly three-quarters of the adult population in the United Kingdom.

Anxiety and stress symptoms include both physical and emotional issues, such as irritability and restlessness, as well as headaches and insomnia.

Life in the modern era can be challenging, with the pandemic exacerbating feelings of stress and anxiety all over the world. The 24-hour news cycle is full of doom and gloom, but other triggers can include personal relationships – or a lack thereof.

Is it true that a lack of sex causes anxiety?

We understand what you’re thinking. Is your anxiety caused by a lack of sex? The answer, according to doctors, is yes! The National Institutes of Health conducted research in 2017 to better understand the relationship between a satisfying sex life and emotional well-being, including feelings of happiness or contentment.

“Conventional wisdom among health researchers has thus been that safe, consensual sex is essential for positive mood and general psychological health,” the study says. Low levels of sexual activity among physically healthy adults are frequently regarded as a sign of poor emotional and sexual well-being.”

You heard it from the doctor himself: having sex is good for your health! If we haven’t yet convinced you, here are all the way adult sex dolls can reduce your anxiety (and, of course, increase your overall satisfaction!).

Not having sex can increase your anxiety.

According to Medical News Today, if you’re in a relationship but not having sex, you may be experiencing anxiety. As we’ve seen, this can lead to physical and mental issues, which can exacerbate anxiety. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Of course, you cannot coerce your partner into wanting more sex. This will almost certainly put a strain on what could otherwise be a healthy and happy relationship. It may also cause your partner to become anxious. A sex doll is the best of both worlds. A super realistic adult sex doll that feels and looks like the hottest woman or man you can think of, and who is custom designed to tick all of your pleasure points in terms of cup size, body type, hair and eye color, and who is available for sex at any time of day or night? Win-win.

After a breakup, adult sex dolls are ideal.

Going through a breakup is a terrible experience. It can make you question everything, leaving you feeling lonely, isolated, alone, and adrift. For many people, a breakup can be debilitating to their mental health, and if you aren’t used to living or sleeping alone, it can cause anxiety. Similarly, if you’re wondering if you’ll ever meet someone, you may experience anxiety and depression.

Rushing into a rebound relationship may alleviate some of those concerns, but it may also exaggerate others while being unfair to the other person. Taking time to process the loss and grieve the relationship is widely accepted as the best way to move on after a relationship ends, but it can also be frightening. Not to mention the lack of sex. As previously stated, involuntary abstinence can also cause anxiety.

Rather than risk inflicting the same pain on another person, having a sex doll on hand to satisfy your sexual needs and bring pleasure back into your life can only be a good thing. Furthermore, having complete freedom to be as wild, experimental, and inventive as you want may help to distract you from your broken heart while also providing you with a few new skills to impress your next partner when you’re ready to move on!

A adult sex doll can be excellent company.

Many people, particularly those who have lost a partner, seek companionship from adult sex dolls. The truth is that a doll can provide wonderful companionship, which can help to alleviate crippling anxiety.

High-quality adult sex dolls are made of high-quality materials and are built to last for years, so after the initial investment, you can expect to have companionship for a long time.

A realistic sex doll can fill a void and provide the companionship you crave, whether it’s sex or other routines like listening to music, watching a favorite show, or falling asleep snuggled up together.

You can confidently practice your sexual abilities.

Being anxious around the opposite sex is a major source of anxiety for many people, and it can be crippling. A lack of confidence breeds a lack of confidence because you may be hesitant to meet new people. That means you have fewer opportunities for sex, which can make you feel insecure about your sexual abilities. And so on and so forth. It may appear that there is no way out of this terrible cycle.

A big tits sex doll can provide that escape route while also providing the most pleasure and fun possible! With a big tits sex doll on demand, you can practice your sexual skills and gain confidence in the comfort of your own home. That means you can practice the fundamentals, such as oral sex, overcome performance anxiety and learn to last longer, or be more adventurous when it comes to positions, all without the fear that comes from a human partner.

Not only will your adult sex dolls never say no, but they will never express a negative opinion, never complain to anyone else, and never leave you feeling less than completely satisfied.

Adult sex dolls offer an alternative to human contact.

Modern life is actually isolating us from one another, which means we are spending more time alone, in front of a screen, than ever before. While having access to high-speed internet around the clock isn’t a bad thing, being able to plug in and turn it off means we’re having fewer conversations and making fewer connections. Because of the pandemic, we may no longer need to go to work, implying that many forms of human interaction are actually declining.

One disadvantage is that many of us are missing out on the human touch, which scientists have discovered can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Human touch, while not as essential as food or drink, is essential for happiness and mental health. However, it is not always possible to have a human available to give a handshake or a hug on demand, and in a post-pandemic world, many of us may not want that either.

A sex doll is a wonderful, healthy alternative to human touch that can provide you with the same level of well-being whenever you want. Why? Simple. The advanced TPE and silicone materials used to create high-quality adult sex dolls have the feel of human skin and can be gently heated to add a lifelike quality. Sure, yoga has some of the same benefits, but isn’t the hottest, wettest, most satisfying sex you can imagine, available on demand and on your terms, a little more fun?

They are a more healthy alternative to porn.

If you’re finding that you don’t have enough sex in your relationship or in your life as a singleton, the temptation is to take matters into your own hands (quite literally). We’re discussing porn. Years of research have shown that excessive porn consumption can lead some people down a dark path, and addiction to porn, like other harmful habits such as excessive drinking or smoking, can be a very corrosive presence in your life and in your relationships.

According to research from Utah State University, “some of the common damaging effects of pornography for users can include addiction, isolation, increased aggression, distorted beliefs and perceptions about relationships and sexuality, negative feelings about themselves, and neglecting other areas of their lives.”

Similarly, the Reward Foundation claims that porn is associated with poor mental health, including anxiety. According to the BBC, watching porn may cause the pleasure center of the brain to shrink. That is terrifying! A sex doll is a healthier alternative, capable of providing you with the sexual pleasure you seek while avoiding the scientifically proven negative side effects of porn when it becomes a toxic habit.

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