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Keeping lifelike adult dolls clean

To maintain your sex doll, it’s important to observe proper hygiene. Poor cleaning habits will encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi on your lifelike adult dolls. It’s very important to have a good cleaning routine for your dolls.

Here’s how to clean your lifelike sex dolls

  • Start with the orifices: There are three major orifices in your lifelike adult dolls. These include the mouth; vagina and anus. All three holes are meant to pleasure you during sex. This can be oral or anal. It all depends on what you desire to do. Sometimes bodily fluids hide in these holes, despite regular cleaning attempts. This is why you’ll need to schedule a particular date for a thorough cleaning. Depending on your frequency of use, you can choose to clean it up after every 14 days. Some prefer to do it monthly, it all depends on you.

  • The body: These lifelike adult dolls are made from various materials. You’ll need to find what material yours is made from. This way it’ll be easier to know what cleaning product is suitable for your doll. Generally, a safe way of cleaning the body of a sex doll is the use of a mild sponge. Abrasive sponges can lead to markings on the surface of the doll. This can lead to the damage of the doll overtime.
  • Wigs: Washing  the wigs of your lifelike adult dolls are necessary. Since it traps dust and other microorganisms over time. You can soak the wig in warm water and wash it afterwards. All you need is a shampoo and regular conditioner. After which, you finger comb through or use a wide toothed comb. It all depends on the kind of wing and its texture. When you’re done with that, use a towel to dry it up. Next you allow the air to dry. Always avoid using heat on the wig. These can damage the texture overtime and also its quality. If you can’t bother with this procedure, then the saloon is a good option. All you need to do is walk into a saloon and drop it off with the hairdresser.
  • The clothes: Despite being a huge ass sex doll, washing its cloth is also important. Always separate the colours to avoid leaching. It’s generally advisable to stick with pastel colored clothes. Since these colours hardly ever run off from clothes. These lifelike huge ass sex dolls clothes also trap dirt and needs to be washed. You can decide to do this after every sexcapade or maybe designate a timeline for bulk washing. It all depends on what suits you. There are no technicalities washing these clothes, it’s quite similar to the way you handle yours. It’s basically just the same thing.


Cleaning your lifelike adult doll is very important. It’ll help maintain it and allow for longer usage. Always follow the necessary measures for cleaning these lifelike love dolls. Try to avoid any damage to your doll or microbial growth. Now enjoy your time with your clean, lifelike adult dolls!

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